Alliance of Women Philanthropists Giving Circle

A Purpose Driven Circle

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.” – Flora Edwards

A beach is comprised of many tiny, individual grains of sand; a flood, of many tiny drops of water; and a painting, of many tiny brushstrokes of paint. A legacy of transformation at the university is being created by many selfless acts of giving, one woman at a time, through the Alliance of Women Philanthropists Giving Circle.

Educating, empowering, and inspiring, the Alliance Giving Circle made Michael Kidd’s world that much more vast when he boarded a plane and felt beach sand between his toes for the first time as a UT Martin Percussive Arts Society ambassador to Brazil; faculty and students from the School of Architecture built hope into a community with a sustainable home that utilizes revolutionary water harvesting systems; nursing student Jilliane Sexton can care for patients with confidence because of the development of a digital health record program that links textbook knowledge with clinical practice; inner-city fourth- and fifth-graders soaked up the joys of summer camp on the campus of UT Chattanooga.

Since the creation of the Giving Circle in 2007 by executive board members of the Alliance, more than 70 UT programs have received more than $655,000 from the collective effort of the circle’s members.

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Impact

“We started our group, our circle of friends, and like that circle, there is no beginning or end.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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Grounded in its mission to change lives and instill leadership, the Alliance Giving Circle desires to enhance what it has started and support more initiatives of instruction, research, outreach, and fundraising of UT students, faculty, and alumni.

Every gift counts. All Alliance general members are able to contribute, in any amount, to the Giving Circle. When pooled together, these gifts cause a ripple effect throughout the university that will forever shape our community and state. Grants range from $2,500 to $25,000 and are awarded to the most innovative and deserving applicants.

The power of one connected with another, who connects with another, creates a movement of many that produces an effort that multiplies, grows, and prospers.

Our mission is simple

Educate, empower, and inspire women to be philanthropic leaders at the University of Tennessee.

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